Stud Farm Galway

Western Stables had been breeding Connemara Ponies for the past 30 years. The priority attributes of our breeding program include confirmation, athletic ability and temperament. Creemully Western Melody had all of these.

Stud: Creemully Western Melody

Year Foaled: 2002Fontainebleau 08
Height: 148cm
Sire: I Love You Melody
Dam: Creemully Heather
Competition Record
Three year old: 1st place loose jumping clifden won and placed in inhand classes.
Four year old:  1st place Connemara pony jumping discovery competition- won potential dressage pony with dressage Ireland.
Five year old: Won and placed in Ridden and Working Hunter Connemara Class also successful in Dressage Ireland Shows 90 SJAI points.
Six year old - National Success:
4th in 6-7yr old Final RDS
5th in 6-7 yr old Star Finder Final Milstreet summer show
5th at Cavan Indoor Pony Show, numerous other placings at shows throughout the country 210 SJAI points end of 2008.
2009 National Pony Dressage Champion
International Success
Represented Ireland in the following as a six yr old in 2008
International Pony Show Fontainblue, France- 3rd in the Young Pony Championship
International Pony Show Neeoeteren, Belgium- 8th in the small Tour two Phase Class
International Pony Show Hengelo Netherlands- 5th in Small Tour Speed Class
With all of his achievements is a relatively small space of time, Creemully Western Melody has proven himself to be an outstanding Stallion. Thankfully he is passing his qualities to his offspring. 
Mel-Dressage Champ09 001  Creemully Western Melody  Creemully Western Melody 1